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Chronojump 1.4.4

06-18-2014, 12:33 AM (This post was last modified: 06-18-2014 12:51 AM by xavi.)
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Chronojump 1.4.4
Chronojump 1.4.4 has been published! (2014-June-17)

Backup database:
Important: if you are an encoder user, we recommend you to backup the full database before update. Many improvements have been done on signals / curves tables. If there's any problem with update and you made the backup, it will be easy to fix. Proceed as follows:
  1. Before installing new version, open Chronojump 1.4.3
  2. Session menu / preferences / Open database folder
  3. go up in your file manager one time and you will see the folders: "database", "encoder" and "multimedia". Copy the three folders to another place (eg. pendrive)

Download here:

Major improvements
  • Lots of improvements on graphical interface. The biggest is at start: 4 modes are shown:
    Jumps, Runs, Power, Other. Shown in nice graphs. User can switch between modes
  • Now Signals are more connected to curves:
    • Same curve cannot be saved two times
    • Checkboxes on Capture tab to easy save / delete curves
    • Display saved curves on barplot at capture tab
    • Deleting a signal deletes it's related curves
  • Encoder graphs are four times faster now
  • Copy database can also copy encoder data and multimedia (photos and videos)

Minor improvements
  • Contacts
    • Added DJa graph
    • IUB renamed "Arms Use Index"
    • Contacts stats graph dialog can be maximized
  • Encoder
    • Mean power is shown on curve selection
    • Load signal/curve shows now the laterality "R/L"
    • Encoder Load signal works accepts on 'enter' or double click on treeview
    • Encoder analysis cross shows line fit. Predicts maximum power and the load needed for this power. Writes also the function, R^2, Adjusted R^2 and p-value
    • Shown accuracy warning on conical machines. Also message: "Start fully extended on inertial machines" is more visible now.
    • Added Neuromuscular profile guidelines
    • Encoder bells (feedback) moved to main window
    • Export session (.csv) says now: "Encoder data is not exported"
    • Analyze Cross variables without overlapping numbers. Data is shown nicely now
    • Preferences: "no translate graphs" on Preferences / other (partial for fix translation of graphs on Greek)
  • Other
    • Easier chronopic connection. Don't need to open Chronopic window and there open another window. All is done in the same window.
    • All windows can be closed fast pressing ESC button (all but main Window)
    • Better message on chronopic-firmwarecord
    • Updated English manual: Added info on importing persons from CSV

Fixed bugs
  • Contacts
    • Fixed error on jumps, runs selection on new GUI since 1.4.2. This affected to user created tests and RSA tests.
    • Fixed random crash on cancelling contact tests (jumps, runs)
    • Improvements on sensitivity on cancel finish contact events. Sometimes when cancel an event that has not started yet (user is outside platform and should be inside), window was irresponsive
    • Fixed Shetty CMJ power formula calculation
  • Encoder
    • Fixed error in weight display in curves analyze table
    • Fixed problem on button encoder_analyze that was active when no curves or person where selected
    • Delete signals / curves from ask confirmation if askDeleteion is selected on preferences
    • Fixed encoder: jumps height when a jump is badly executed with a force < 0 at the beginning
    • Fixed error that says: "Encoder connected" when it was not connected yet
    • Fixed crash when USB cable is disconnecting while receiving data
    • Encoder Analyze. Fixed crash on sqlite open/close multiple times in a foreach
    • Neuromuscular profile is working again
  • Other
    • Now on Linux and on MacOSX, Chronojump cannot be opened two times (two instances at the same time)
    • EncoderCaptureOptions opened/closed fast on start. Now is not shown

Pending bugs
  • Camera is not working on MacOSX.

Updated Czech translation.
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