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gait platform

04-25-2011, 10:33 AM
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RE: gait platform
All that we found on literature was the next, maybe you already know about:

- A comfortable velocity for the gait is around 4.3 km/h. The average contact time is 1.25 sec. (Plas, Viel and Blanc, 1984).
Despite the fact of voluntary variability on gait speed, age or gender, free walk rate is around 80 m/minute. Also the stride length on normal population is around 1.46 – 1.28 meters (depend on legs length) according to Perry, 1992.
The authors consider that must be although 3 metres intervals before and after the data segment on the gait analysis, in order to achieve the speed. So is common around 15 metres walk with 10 meters analysis.

- The basic parameters to analyze are the timing, distances, velocity and cadence of the gait. Normally people use photocells to measure the velocity (V), and indirectly you can extract the stride length (SL) just knowing the cadence. SL = V / Step rate

- The advantage from instrumented walkways is that there is not any apparatus on the subject, who feels free to execute his usual pace. Anyway, other footswitch systems can be an alternative, like insoles, showing from the contact of the heel, metatarsal heads and great toe the contact time detached (knowing the difference between support time and the discharge one).
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