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gait platform

03-08-2011, 01:58 AM
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RE: gait platform
(03-04-2011 03:07 AM)jeffpagaduan Wrote:  hi!

which is better for a gait analysis platform: 10 meter pcb board or 10 m rods? I want to measure the flight time of two legs using two different contact platforms. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks a lot.

Hi jeffagaduan,

Sorry for the wait. The results jumping over PCB board or rods were almost the same in our experience. Xavier de Blas is testing at the moment trying to validate PCB as rods are already done. It indicates no preference in that case.
Probably for the gait it's not necessary to invest in PCB boards, as strength is not required as jumping. Also you don't need a big area to measure the gait, around three rods in the direction they're walking for each foot.
In the action you can analyse on leg inside the platform before the other one. Or if you've got two platforms and two chronopics you can take the CT and FT of each leg in the same action.

To be honest I haven't read too much in relation to this materials and gait analysis. I will do it and let you know if I find something useful for your idea.
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