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New version 1.3.x

02-02-2013, 09:31 PM (This post was last modified: 06-21-2013 09:28 AM by xavi.)
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New version 1.3.x
Chronojump 1.3.9 has been published!

Download here:

New features on 1.3.9 2013-June-21
  • boot lot faster (deactivated server connection).
  • Encoder: 1RM prediction using speed/load on any exercise. Uses the speed 1RM values defined for any exercise. It's on analyze / cross variables / last option. 1RM is predicted using the values on preferences: The "^3" means that the right part of the graph (more load) are the most important values on the regression, while the "non-weighted" means that all the points have the same importance in the regression. We recommend the "^2".
  • Encoder: On selecting an extra load, it's shown the %1RM (if it has been calculated before for that person, exercise and session). Also it's shown the displaced mass: extra weight + (body weight * % body weight displaced on that exercise).
  • Encoder: the analysis data table shows the extra mass and the displaced mass.
  • Encoder: Improved the external capture to make it's data match with the data shown after on Chronojump. It was difficult because capture shows real time, and this makes the curves "cut" and smooth different than the consequent analysis that has all the curves and makes new cuts. Now the information on external capture is more accurate.
  • Encoder: Invert mode for capture is allowed. Have the encoder upside-down.
  • Encoder: The external capture records video.
  • Encoder: improvements on graphical interface. Some users after capture modify some controls to do another capture (eg: increase weight button), but before new capture, they remember to save curves (curves then got recorded with new controls (that were not the used in capture). It has been fixed, now a signal or curve is saved with the controls when it has been captures, recalculated or loaded. sorry for this fuzzy explanation but believe us: now is more difficult to have user errors with the interface.
  • Encoder: Graph on analysis window has some displacement controls that allows Chronojump to be resized down once graph is done for a certain resolution.
  • USB-Serial ports for MacOSX. Mac native version is coming.
  • Changed software logo: Kangaroo.
  • Translations. welcome to new Greek (98%) translation. Updated Spanish (100%) and Czech (99%). improved an script to compile Deutsch, Czech, Slovene, Gaelic and Greek.

New features on 1.3.8 2013-May-5
  • Bug fixed on start in computers without webcam (bug introduced in 1.3.7 version).
  • Fixed bug on removing persons (they were not totally removed).
  • Updated Spanish (100%) and Slovenian (100%) translations.

New features on 1.3.7 2013-May-1

Main changes:
  • All the tests can be recorded using a video camera. They get attached to the test (also in encoder). Video can be reproduced easily. Also camera is selectable using preferences.
  • Chronopic-Firmwarecord is working again.
  • Encoder signal and curves can be edited: change name, delete.
  • Added encoder manuals (English and Spanish) on Help.

Other changes:
  • Simplified encoder capture graphical interface. Some of the buttons have been moved to preferences.
  • On encoder, squat exercise has been changed the "Displaced body weight %" from 75 to 100. This means that when you perform squat, 100% of body weight is displaced. This will change the power values.
    All the signals and curves that you have on Chronojump will change values automatically. If you have exported Squat exercises to an Spreadsheet (like Excel), obviously this data is not updated. We recommend you to export it again.
  • On encoder analysis, images and tables can be saved.
  • Load session can show/hide contacts tests and encoder tests.
  • Encoder curves can be selected by exercise, by person, and selection can be inverted.
  • Show all person events includes encoder.
  • Encoder shown person name and external weight on capture safe.
  • Improved encoder cross variables graphs.
  • Encoder analyzes better eccentric-concentric curves.
  • Simplified the Chronojump entry on Windows Start menu.
  • On Linux, Chronojump is shown on your theme. Highlight colors, selected buttons, ... depend on the appearance of your desktop.

Bug fixes:
  • Solved problems with path on curves with Parallels Desktop and R: Curves get copied to temp before analyze them.
  • Fixed bug on refreshing run Interval graphs.

  • Spanish: 99%
  • Czech: 99%
  • Slovenian: 98%
  • French: 89%
  • Gaelican: 87%
  • Deutsch: 83%
  • Catalan: 81%

Pending tasks:
  • Server still doesn't work on Windows.
  • Take photo of the persons doesn't work on Windows.

Thanks to Andoni Morales (Longomatch) for his help on publishing the release and on Gstreamer.

New features on 1.3.6 2013-March-7

Main changes:
  • At analysis yo can compare person curves with other persons in that sesion or with the same person along some sessions (see "compare" at analysis tab).
  • Added data table at analysis tab. At next version you will be able to export all this data and all the values of the curves related at every ms.
  • At powerbars graph, it has been added the mean of range of movement for each set of curves of same displaced weight. This helps to control which movements have done correctly.

Other changes:
  • Added time to max speed on curves graphs, data tables and export.
  • Improvements on calculations of curves phases: eccentric, isometric, concentric.
  • improvements drawing isometric phase..
  • At cross variables analysis it can be differentiated eccentric and concentric phases (if desired).
  • Mean power on ecc-con is calculated using absolute values.
  • At curves graphs, means of speed and power have been added to axis.
  • improvements on 1RM calculation.
  • On export use correct decimal character (',' o '.') depending on computer localization.
  • Added exercice: "free".
  • Graph captured data in seconds (nice for more than 100s captures).
  • Added propulsive option on analysis tab.
  • At jumps with contact platfos, it has been improved feedback (pulse bar) while waiting person to jump.
  • Extra weight in jujmps with contact platforms can be written in two decimals.
  • cahnges on the graphical interface and other minor changes.

Bug fixes:
  • Big optimization on capture "safe" allowing to record until three minutes without problems. In previuos version it produces problems at 45 seconds aprox.
  • Fixed bug making first curve in ecc-con not being detected.
  • Fixed bug on calculation of mean power non-propulsive.
  • Fixed bug on record all concentric curves making only to record the odd curves.
  • Fixed bug on some curves ending data with a "," character.
  • Improvements on the checks of ending the creation of a graph to ensure is not trying to show it before it has been created.
  • Bug fixed that sometimes painted propulsive change in eccentric phase]

  • Updated spanish translation.

New features on 1.3.5 2013-Feb-25

  • Encoder: fixed bugs in "safe" capture mode created on last version. Also optimizations on the other mode.
  • Improved Chronopic window
  • Minor changes

New features on 1.3.4 2013-Feb-21

  • Encoder: Created a safe capture mode: in main window, and fast
  • Encoder: Fixed crash exporting curves
  • Encoder: Fixed bug: two windows were opened without content (and so small)
  • Encoder: Fixed bug on analyze curves on Windows cause by a URL path problem on R
  • Encoder: Fixed bug on capture in lateral movements
  • Encoder: Fixed bug on saving all curves at eccentric movements
  • Encoder: Fixed bug at load signal: some buttons were not updated
  • Encoder: Improvements on canceling capture
  • Encoder: Added/fixed means on axis at curve analysis graph
  • Encoder: Improvements on vertical axis at side compare graph
  • Now on Windows two Chronojump instances cannot be opened at the same time
  • Small improvements on graphical interface
  • Updated Czech translation

New features on 1.3.3 2013-Feb-9

  • Encoder capture can end before time pressing ESC or close window button. These buttons allow also to close the window.
  • Added 1RM prediction with encoder using mean speed on propulsive phase (González-Badillo, Sánchez-Medina 2010). See: "Analyze / cross variables".
  • Stats and encoder graphs now look nice (antialiased) on windows: Updated R to 2.15.2 and use of Cairo.
  • Fixed problem on selection of encoder port.
  • Improvements on graphical interface.

New features on 1.3.2 2013-Feb-6

  • On Windows XP de Capture from encoder was not working. It works now.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes happened after a slCMJ.

New features on 1.3.1 2013-Feb-3

Encoder "export all curves" button hanges the program. Fixed in this version.

New features on 1.3.0 2013-Feb-1

Main feature:
  • Encoder: Added capture, analysis and other features. We have been one year developing this.

Other important features:
  • Runs: Added filter to detect multiple contacts in short time (like arm and trunk).
  • Runs: Added RSA runs with countdown in "rest time". See: intervallic runs / All intervallic runs (including RSA). User can define RSA run types and 11 types are already defined based on bibliography.
  • Runs: Improved "speed start" (start running without measuring time and then touch platform). User can choose if time starts at arrival at first platform or at leaving it.
  • Added slCMJ (single-leg CMJ). This one-leg jumps have lot of protocols included.
  • Improved connection with Chronopic and installation of driver.
  • Improved visuals of tests capture (from three to two columns).

Minor changes:
  • Changed names: "Simple jumps / Reactive jumps", to "Simple jumps / Multiple jumps". First group include jumps with only one flight time (or none in "take off"). Second group include jumps with more than one flight time. This naming change is because Drop Jump is reactive but has only one flight time, for this reason it's on "Simple jumps".
  • Simplified preferences window.
  • Improved warning on simulated test, how to configure Chronopic has been colorized.
  • Improvements on canceling a test.
  • Better colors in graphs.
  • Fixed graphical interface errors.

Pending tasks
We hope to fix them in next version that will be released in 15-30 days.
  • Publish MacOSX version.
  • Video and snapshots have been deactivated because there's a bug in windows. Fix bug and add recording of video on encoder tests.
  • Publish a mini-manual on encoder use.
  • On Windows connection with server is not working now.
  • Use RDotNet to make encoder graphs faster.
  • On Linux Chronojump cannot be opened multiple times (at the same time). Add this feature on Windows.
  • Improve activity of progress bar when we are waiting athlete to start the test.
  • Check little errors on encoder software on analysis of eccentric movements, and check that "propulsive" flag is applied everywhere (when it's selected).
  • On encoder capture, audio feedback is deactivated.
  • Once 1RM is found, give a feedback on new curves based on that value.
  • Stats and encoder graphs on Windows do not display correctly the latin chars.

  • Updated translations, now Chronojump is translated (more than 75% of strings) to 7 languages:
  • Some translators that have done lot of work couldn't reach the 100% because few strings have changed at last moment. We apologize for that.


We want to thank to these people / organizations:
  • (Wade) Teng Wei Hua and NCHC, for their help with the encoder hardware.
  • Andoni Morales, for his help on software packaging.
  • Jose Luis López, Anna Padullés and CIDIDA, for his work in the users facilities.
  • GNOME translators team.
  • Azahara Fort, for her help on RSA tests.
  • Chronojump users, for their support and patience in the publishing of this version.

Chronojump 1.3.x team

[Image: 8458407889_c06803eeef_b.jpg]

Explanation of "1.3.0" naming

The hypothetical version 1.0 has to fill all the features needed for jumps. This has to be published after the Chronojump doctoral thesis, because this thesis was focused on jumps.
At the same time, we have been developing features involving runs, other tests, multichronopic, ... but the stress of the thesis did not allowed us to publish 1.0, and last version was 0.9.3.

After the thesis there were lot of features working like encoder capture and initial analysis, improvements on runs, ... for this reason we thought that new version will have a number higher than 1.0.

The meaning of "1.3.0" is:
- "1.3" are the last digits of the current year.
- ".0" is the published version this year (first version).
Then, first version published on 2014 will be la 1.4.0. It will be easy to know if a version is new or old.

Have fun!
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02-08-2013, 03:45 PM
Post: #2
RE: New version 1.3.x
Congratulation on the hard work. I made a copy of the old database. How do we import our old sessions into the new program? Just replace the database with the old one or is there a way to import?
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02-08-2013, 07:17 PM
Post: #3
RE: New version 1.3.x
(02-08-2013 03:45 PM)pcaron Wrote:  Congratulation on the hard work. I made a copy of the old database. How do we import our old sessions into the new program? Just replace the database with the old one or is there a way to import?

It should be auto-imported. The location and name of database is the same. When a new version of Chronojump is installed then database is upgraded.

Can you see your old sessions in the new software?

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02-09-2013, 12:18 PM
Post: #4
RE: New version 1.3.x
Published 1.3.3. See above
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02-12-2013, 07:53 AM
Post: #5
RE: New version 1.3.x
(02-08-2013 07:17 PM)xavi Wrote:  
(02-08-2013 03:45 PM)pcaron Wrote:  Congratulation on the hard work. I made a copy of the old database. How do we import our old sessions into the new program? Just replace the database with the old one or is there a way to import?

It should be auto-imported. The location and name of database is the same. When a new version of Chronojump is installed then database is upgraded.

Can you see your old sessions in the new software?


It does work perfectly. Sorry I did not came back to you earlier.
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02-21-2013, 10:20 AM
Post: #6
RE: New version 1.3.x
Published 1.3.4. See above
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02-26-2013, 06:04 AM
Post: #7
RE: New version 1.3.x
Published 1.3.5. See above
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03-09-2013, 03:51 AM
Post: #8
RE: New version 1.3.x
Published 1.3.6. Big list of changes. See above.
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05-02-2013, 08:05 AM
Post: #9
RE: New version 1.3.x
Published 1.3.7. Big list of changes. See above.
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06-21-2013, 09:28 AM
Post: #10
RE: New version 1.3.x
Published 1.3.9. See above.
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