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Chronojump 1.4.5 & 1.4.6

07-04-2014, 12:58 AM (This post was last modified: 07-12-2014 01:08 AM by xavi.)
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Chronojump 1.4.5 & 1.4.6
Chronojump 1.4.6 has been published! (2014-July-11)

Download here:

1.4.6 info
1.4.6 is only published on Windows because it's improvements are specific for this system.
  • Fixed problem in encoder: Cross variables on calulation of the function parameters.
  • Updated Chronopic driver.
  • Fixed problem: "Too many open files".
  • Better shown of decimals on Cross parameters function.
  • Updated Spanish translation.

1.4.5 info

Main new feature
If the program crashes or there's any bad behaviour, there's a new way to send us complete information easily. This will make all the problems fixed fast and just needs a bit of collaboration from users.

If you have any problem, when you open Chronojump again you will see easy instructions, please follow them and problem will be fixed for all.

Bugs fixed:
  • Encoder: Fixed save first curve on inertial
  • Encoder: Fixed crash when curves are not detected on capture
  • Fixed crash when closing preferences window using the the top right X button

Other changes:
  • Saving curves is easier now and avoids problems
  • Better GUI on "person add multiple"
  • Renamed 10ms firmware
  • Encoder capture barplot shows avg and avg of saved curves
  • Added better explanation on inertial conical 'd' value
  • Added error message if needed more oscillations to calcule Inertia Moment
  • Linux: Added script to create Debian / Ubuntu packages

Translations and manual:
  • Updates Spanish translation
  • Updated English manual

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