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Chronojump 1.4.3

04-26-2014, 03:56 AM
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Chronojump 1.4.3
Chronojump 1.4.3 has been published! (2014-April-25)

Download here:

New features
  • Created automatic mode for jumps. A set of tests can be defined and an order. Software will show which person has to execute which test. Also a person can be delayed for later or removed from list. Just use the button "Auto" on the right side of execute jumps.
  • On new persons creation, it's possible to import users from an spreadsheet with the person name in one column (eg. "fullname"), or in two columns (e. "name", "surname"). Press the button (i) on the "new person (multiple)" window.
  • Encoder: improved real time bars. Now separated ecc-con curves.
  • Changes on graphical interface on:
    • Mode selection: contacts / encoder, at the menu (there's more space in the screen now).
    • Chronopic connection separated depending on the Mode: contacts / encoder.
    • Contacts: statistics / graphs is nicer now.
    • Encoder: can be activaded pressing CTRL + space.
    • Better information if Chronopic has been disconnected.

Fixed bugs
  • Encoder: Fixed bug on analysis of curves with a comma in their name.
  • Encoder: Fixed some bugs on drawing analysis curves.
  • Encoder: On Windows fixed crash when opening User Manual.
  • Encoder: Fixed neuromuscular test when person does not correctly the four phases of each test (ecc, con, ecc, con).
  • Encoder: At real time bars, eccentric speeds are shown positive in order to be shown on graph.

Pending bugs
  • Camera is not working on MacOSX.

Updated Czech and Spanish translations.
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