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New version 1.4.2

04-11-2014, 03:48 AM (This post was last modified: 04-12-2014 12:21 AM by xavi.)
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New version 1.4.2
Chronojump 1.4.2 has been published! (2014-April-10)

Download here:

New features on 1.4.2
  • Users can load lots of persons at the same time using an spreadsheet like: Excel, LibreOffice or Google drive. Just click on "New persons (multiple)" and press the (i) button to have more information.
  • MacOSX version can use the encoder also in realtime now.
  • Changes on graphical interface on:
    • Executing Jumps, Jumps reactive, Runs and Runs Intervallic is lot easier now.
    • Improvements on interface for analyzing encoder data.
    • Chronopic connections moved to the right and it's different for contacts than for encoder.
    • Encoder realtime plot bars differentiates between ecc-con phases.
    • Encoder test can be executed just pressing 'space'.
    • Fixed 12 graphs max on side graph of ecc-con curves.
    • Fixed decimals in speed in encoder capture plot.
  • Small fixes on ecc-con curves.
  • R graphs (contacts, encoder) will be translated now.
  • R graphs on Windows show accents now.
  • More small graph fixes on encoder.
  • Updated English manual.
  • Updated Czech and Spanish translations.

Known bugs
  • Opening manual on some Windows machines seems to crash the software. We will fix it in new version.
  • Encoder graph of saved curves fails on persons with a comma ',' in their name. We will fix it in new version.
  • Camera is not working on MacOSX.

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