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Help! What am i doing wrong???

05-18-2011, 02:01 AM
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Help! What am i doing wrong???
Hello all,

I have been using my products for the last 3-4 weeks but i dont seem to be able to get the 'correct' results. They are consistent but i believe they are incorrect.

Using the mat and software the maximum jump i've recorded is 39.117cm (15.4in) yet when i perform a wall jump i'm getting results of 48.3cm (19in)!! Even when i have the mat and the wall jump i'm getting 3-4 inches difference in the measurements.... am i doing something wrong?

thanks for any help guys.

Ricky, London, England
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05-18-2011, 08:55 PM
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RE: Help! What am i doing wrong???
Hello Ricky, how do yo do your Wall jump?

Remember contact mat gives you the flight time, and if your position when you leave the floor (loose contact with the platform) is the same than the position when you touch contact mat again, this flight time can be translated to height of your center of mass (center of gravity)

I'm not sure what you measure in your wall test.

If you want, you can take a high speed camera (like some casios) and record your jump at 500 frames per second. Then you count the frames that you are in the air and you can calculate if the time is ok.
If the time is ok then the formula of height of the center of mass is Newton. It's surely good.

In my opinion this things can happen:
1.- you are measuring different things with your wall jump and chronojump
2.- there's a problem with the mat that return late to the original position when you jump (I don't think so because the results will not be consistent). If you press it and then release, do you think there's a lag in returning to it's original position?

Bye, thanks for using the forum and sharing your thoughts.
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