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from greek to english

07-15-2014, 09:28 PM
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RE: from greek to english

(07-15-2014 03:58 PM)kostikiadis_yannis Wrote:  i've all ready try it but it's not working.

and the problem is that the greeks are not supported on charts labels, as you can see on the attached pics.

Currently the "not-translate" option is only working for encoder graphs. Seeing your petition, we just implemented this in the software and you will see in the future version 1.4.7 (before than a month).

(07-15-2014 03:58 PM)kostikiadis_yannis Wrote:  also i'd like to ask how do i change firmware from 10 to 50mls

Please, read the Manual (It's on Help menu at right).

(07-15-2014 03:58 PM)kostikiadis_yannis Wrote:  kind reagards
Kostikiadis Yannis

Best regards. Continue writing for any errors or ideas you have.
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