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New website - xavi - 07-03-2009 08:56 PM

This week we changed website design. There were 3 different information units: main page, web site, and forum. It wasn't clear for the use how to move inside the different places and how to jump between them.

Changes are:
  • Main page has been simplified:
  • Visualization of all pages has been improved.
  • Deleted information that was not relevant.
  • 5 top icons allow to move around easily. Also a link to change language is clear.
  • Styles have been unified: navigating on forum is similar than rest of site.
  • Deleted printable versions of pages because there were problems and with the "new look" all is more easy to print.
  • Fixed some broken links.

As an example of usability, any information visual or textual about Chronojump, now is always in "documents" place, and this is easy to remember.

We have lost translations (sacrified), maybe we recuperate them on August.

Now all is and seems more easy. We hope you like it.