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At ECSS 2013 in Barcelona - xavi - 07-03-2013 11:26 PM

We have been in the ECSS at Barcelona.

At the technologies satellite it has been presented: "Power measurement with Chronojump linear and rotary encoders".

At CIDIDA stand we have been talking with our clients and having fun with a jump contest and drinking some cava (catalan champagne) when 20 people jump at the same time

Here you can see some photos

The winners of the jump contest have been:
Women: Beatriz Bachero
Men: Daniele Cardinale
We will ship a DIN-A2 platform and a Chronopic for each one.

The 2nd classified were:
Women: Cristina Bárcena
Men: Gerard Carmona
We gave them the Xavi Peña book: "El entrenamiento de la condición física en el voleibol".

Thanks to all for sharing the interests and having fun.