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Happy New Year!

I want to determine the anaerobic capacity of an individual using the 30 consecutive CMJs. What test would be best suitable for this:

1. Repetitive Jump RJ(j): set to 30 jumps
0 cm


2.Unlimited number of Jumps and click Finish after the 30th Jump.

Thank you.
Hello Jeffrey, Josep Ma Padull├ęs at my side now, told me:

Do repetitive jumps limited by time depending on what you want to test:

Alactic anerobical power (limit to 6 seconds)
Alactic anerobical capacity (limit to 15 seconds)
Lactic anerobical power (limit to 30 seconds)
Lactic anerobical capacity (limit to 60 seconds)
Test-Retest Reliability of Home Made Contact Platforms Using Various Covering Thickness (Thesis)
2. Hand Placement on Countermovement Jumps (Biomechanics 2)
3. Relationship of 1-Leg Jump to 2-Leg Jump (Biomechanics 2)
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