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Full Version: Connection of Velleman PEM10D photocell to Chronopic
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We published information on how to connect a Velleman PEM10D photocell to the Chronopic. This is a subject that has being answered lots of times (using photocells with Chronojump) and now is finally and easily solved:

Thanks a lot to Josep Ma Padull├ęs for testing lots of photocells.

For any comment you can reply to this forum post. Cheers!

I'm still trying to troubleshoot one Velleman photocell. Sensing was ok, but chronopic can't detect it. Cables are working. I'll check the female RCA from the photocell and will update you on the status.
Hello Jeff

If you have two photocells, just do some tests writing down on a paper which photocell or cable you are using.

Maybe cables are not ok, or it's a day too sunny, or the reflector is very far away or very close or bad centered.

Remember to use chronopic at 10ms, and to try to figure out what's happening.

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