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Full Version: New modular platform. Instruction to build it
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We have developed a new modular contact platform using printed circuit boards. You can see instructions to build it here:

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What is the advantage of the modular platform? Shouldn't the simple rod platform with narrower distances between the rods be sufficient and cheaper (and probably easier) to make?
Maverick, as we written in the modular platform construction web page, this platform has lot of advantages. It's a lot easier and faster to make. Also is a lot more difficult to make a mistake in a bad connection. Finally when (in steel rods platform) rods are separated 7cm or more (that is common in order to be bigger and cheaper), is easy to have buggy jumps because the toes between the rods can produce such problems.

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Exequiel Mondaca has uploaded a video (in Spanish) on the creation of his contact platform. He managed to do a foldable rigid platform.
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